Program Objective


*** PROGRAM UPDATE September 3, 2013

The U of T GEI Program is a one-time Federal Government program partnership that has been in operation since February 2012 and will now be wrapping up. We have successfully fulfilled our commitment and are no longer accepting internship opportunities nor placing new interns. We wish to thank our industry partners for their unwavering support in providing internship opportunities for our graduates. And to our graduates, we wish you continued success as you continue to chart your career journey.




Employers will benefit from the technical knowledge of graduate students and recent graduates of STEM programs through an established internship program. They will provide an opportunity for the interns to develop business and management skills that will complement their technical skills and allow the interns to contribute to the daily operation of the business and produce a return on investment.


Interns will be provided with an opportunity to gain exposure to their industry and apply their academic knowledge in a project-based professional environment, while being challenged and mentored. They will develop a strong awareness of their skills and interests, a set of competencies, and an understanding of their value/contribution to the industry. As a result, interns will further develop an awareness of their ongoing career development through a broad perspective of their  career objectives fit within the marketplace.